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Night Safari Ticket Promotion

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30% Off Night Safari Tours

Purchase this Night Safari Ticket Discount and visit the world's first wildlife park for nocturnal animals. The Night Safari Tour Package includes exploring the walking trails to see animals and trekking along the Leopard trail where you can get within a whisker of the beautiful Leopards.
Night Safari Opening Hours are from 7:30PM to 12AM.

Price: $100 $70 Per Pax

Image of Night Safari Entrance

50% Asia Tour Package

If you want to sum up bustling Asia in a week, take our Asia Tour Package where you will visit the famous tourist attractions in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and China. Take part in exciting activities such as boating and immerse in Asia’s culture.

Price: $2000 $1000 Per Pax

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50% Europe Tour Package

Take a bus tour around Europe where you get to see the highlights of Europe in 12 days. Start and end your trip in London and yet have enough time to explore and learn about the culture and visit heritage rich places in Europe.

Price: $4000 $2000 Per Pax